As a valued member of Bathing Beauty Organic Apothecary we have a responsibility to keep you pumped about your primping!
First of all...everyone loves to sample and it's the best way to ensure you choose the right product. So, we're offering members a sampling service.

How does it work?
Ok. When you click in to a the details page of one of our products, if it says "Sample me!" all you have to do is click on that link and it will be added to your cart. You do have to be signed in to do this.

Are they FREE?
Most of our samples are free, however if there is a charge to us from the suppliers we will pass that on, not usually more then $1.

How many samples can I add?
You can add up to 3 samples, per order.

How much is postage?
Postage is included with your samples when you order any full size product from our website, however if you just want to order samples, please opt for the carbon offset postage at checkout.

Twitter Treats
Are you following us on Twitter?!?!
Best get yourself in to gear because we will be tweeting (first in first served-of course) complimentary full size organic beauty products!

When will you be tweeting?
We've decided to keep you on your toes about it, so follow us and you will see!

Will we know who's received any treats?
Yes, if you have signed up to our newsletter it will be published in the news.

How about facebook?
Yes, yes we will do the same for facebook but they will be our "status updates" so if your not a member of our facebook group click here to join.

Don't forgot just for shopping with us we reward you with Pamper Points, they are a great way to earn yourself some extra product through the year.

*As only some products from the brands we carry are provided in sample size to us, we have our own sterilized sample pots that we will use to send you a sample in.  We recommended that sample pots are not kept for more then 3 days after opening. You should use your samples immediately, and keep them fresh in the fridge if you can.