Bathing Beauty Organic Apothecary is an online boutique that brings a fresh approach to the 'green niche' beauty scene in Australia.

We specialise in exclusive emerging organic & natural beauty brands that are curated by our founder, Julie Q.

The product selection reflects creativity, integrity, green science, performance and of course purity.

"My love for discovering emerging beauty brands has led me to some of the worlds' finest in organic beauty. I have a lot of respect for beauty brands that go the extra mile to create a product that is free of nasty chemicals which are safe enough for the whole family to use. I also admire clever use of ingredients in formulating, sustainable and attractive packaging, and the end result.
Beauty to me is not just about making you look and smell good, but it's about how well it can make you feel. It has evolved; you must also ask yourself "Can I use a product that has the potential to harm me?"
Well we all have one thing in common and that is the interest in our own well-being. I created Bathing Beauty Organic Apothecary because it connects my life, my 'prana', my spirit and my love for beauty rolled up in one little site..I hope you all enjoy the journey."
Julie, Bathing Beauty Organic Apothecary.

What do we believe in?
Beauty is at its best in nature; all things that we consume should be safe and not harm us in any way shape or form. Pure certified organic farming methods combined with exceptional science allows us to create amazing products that not only perform but are better for us and for the planet. We hand select each and every brand by ensuring that each "badge" that we endorse align with our own, uniting our values and ethics that we live and practice each day in our lives.

What are we proud of?
Our constant effort to improve everything within ourselves which is pure and good. Manifesting this energy across all aspects of Bathing Beauty including our people, products, research, travel & discovery, superior customer service, logistics, communication, technology systems, social responsibility, community & charity.

What do we fight to preserve?
All that nature has given us in its purest form, integrity in research and development of the global natural/organic beauty industry by supporting brands that choose only to walk greener paths. The choice is simple, know what is right, and respect the fight.

What we deliver on.
A researched product selection that superior in formulation, effective and are natural or organic. Superior customer service by treating each and every customer with the up most courtesy and respect for your private information by engaging in the highest level of online security available. Keeping you informed by including as much information about the products we represent, industry beauty trends, articles from our experts, reviewed and rated products to help you make the best choices for yourself in life. Rewarding our customers with amazing incentives who show their support for our products. Communicating complete transparency about our brand to our customers and associates, and delivering our absolute best to all involved with Bathing Beauty.

Bathing Beauty Organic Apothecary are members for:

Carbon Neutral
Australian Certified Organic
1% for the Planet

Our Ingredient Policy can be downloaded here

This video illustrates a powerful message about the world of cosmetics that we live in today.